Hi! I’m Niels ’t Hooft. Born in 1980, living in Utrecht, The Netherlands with my wife and daughters. I love mulling over ideas for days, typing heatedly in coffee shops downtown and getting together with others to build beautiful things. I combine literature and technology, and have a soft spot for video games. In other words, I’m a hybrid writer.

How’re you doing? Great! The shooter/platformer RIVE I worked on is out, buy it now! My article about digital literature was in Boekman 108, download the PDF. Want to know everything? Then follow my weeknotes.

ggtwitteravatarHybrid writer. I’m researching digital writing, publishing and reading, and developing the app book Geometry Girl. Which follows both my third novel De verdwijners (‘The Disappearers’) and app experiment Toiletten (‘Bathrooms’). For an introduction to the hybrid writer concept, check out this TEDx video:

RIVEWriting for games. I often (and happily) work for games, as a story director, copywriter and consultant. Projects I worked on include Toki Tori 2 and RIVE by Two Tribes, Free Birds by Hubbub and Antegods by Codeglue. If you need help, take a look at my game development services.

Ex games journalist. Besides creating my own publications like GameSen, n3 Nintendo Magazine and Bashers, I wrote about games for many years. Newspapers, magazines, websites and TV shows were among my clients. I’m pretty much done with it now, although I have a tendency to get pulled back in. Here’s a selection of articles, some of which are in English.

Get in touch! Want to work with me or just have a chat? Feel free to send me an email.