My game development services

As an avid player and experienced writer with a deep interest in how games are made, it always made sense to also work on the production side. This has been happening more and more lately, in various roles. Mainly, I’ve worked as story director, copywriter and consultant. Relevant examples and testimonials are below. Can I help out on your project? Get in touch!

Story Director

Toki Tori 2+

Toki Tori 2+ is a puzzle adventure game, released on PC and Wii U in 2013. I worked with indie game studio Two Tribes to create an original game world, its mysterious backstory and a bunch of text-free cut scenes. I was also asked to keep watch over the integrity of the whole.

Of all team members, Niels may have had the most impossible task: writing the story for a game without text. This didn’t keep him from coming up with something fun and even somewhat profound. What’s good about the collaboration with Niels is that he’s hands-on with everything, from creating the game world in Lego blocks to helping out with tiny gameplay details. For our next game, which does include text, we’re working with Niels again, which should say a lot about how we feel about his work.
– Collin van Ginkel, creative director Two Tribes


Ripple Effect advisors

Code 4 and Ripple Effect are applied game projects by design studio Hubbub. One was made for the Dutch Tax Administration, the other for Shell. I created the story world and characters (such as the Ripple Effect advisors shown here) and wrote both the functional and narrative text.

Niels made sure his work gelled with that of the game designers, graphics designers, and developers. With both projects it was a challenge to find a balance between fun, comprehensibility and the intended learning effect. Niels is a versatile professional who makes informed choices, has a tight grip on his process and communicates well. He’s a team player who knows a lot about what’s involved with game design and development. This enables him to tune his work to that of others, choose new creative approaches and contribute to applied game projects that truly make a difference.
– Kars Alfrink, founder Hubbub


VTV-2014 Game

Een gezonder Nederland in 2040 is an applied game project made for RIVM (the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment), based on an exploration of the future of health. Before Ranj was signed as development studio, I researched the possibilities of such a game.

Niels made an excellent overview of globally available tools and games around the theme of public health. He also organized a design exploration, in which different forms for a VTV-2014 game were discussed. Based on the research and exploration, he wrote a briefing that was used during the tendering process. The collaboration with Niels was enjoyable, as he could provide a link between the world of public health research and the world of gaming. Niels works constructively and punctually, important for a project that’s under high time pressure.
– Jeanne van Loon, project manager VTV-2014, RIVM