A Blog About Games and More

“My last blog”:https://nielsthooft.com/english0607/ was about everything and nothing. It was fun because it was easy – I just linkdumped everything that was of interest for a select group of friends. The kind of links I’d have mailed to these people if it weren’t for my blog.

On the other hand, if you didn’t belong to that select group of friends you wouldn’t have a clue. So I decided it was time for a blog where I’d actually consider its reader – narrowed down to people interested in videogame design and marketing. A field that’s of professional interest to me and where a lot of my expertise lies.

I might still go off on a tangent about many different things, but I’ll always try to somehow connect it to games. Especially, the inner workings of games. That’s a promise, kind of.

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Well, that’s about all. Let’s get this thing started!