Hi! I’m Niels ’t Hooft, hybrid writer. Born in 1980, living in Utrecht, The Netherlands with wife and daughters. I like mulling over ideas for days, typing heatedly in coffee shops downtown and getting together with others to build beautiful things. Which lead to books like De verdwijners (‘The Disappearers’), games like RIVE and startup Immer.

What’s new? At Immer, we’re working on the future of screen-reading, and we just released our second pilot app for iPhone and iPad, with my own meditative novella in it: Lotus.

ImmerHybrid writer? A fancy way of saying the intersection of literature and technology is my natural habitat. For example, I researched reader feedback and longform screen text. A ‘scan’ of digital literature was published by KVB Boekwerk. And I can tell you in colorful detail what connects Haruki Murakami and games.

Watch this TEDx video from 2016 for the hybrid writer in a nutshell:

Writing for games. If you need story assistance, take a look at my game services. Here’s my talk about the making of “metal wrecking, robot hacking” shooter RIVE:

Get in touch! Want to work with me or just have a chat? Feel free to send me an email.