What I Read While I Was Away To The USA

* ‘Lanzarote’ by Michel Houellebecq – a novella, his latest novel uses elements from this. I found it interesting to read from a Houellebecq completist’s point of view, but I guess for a more casual reader there’s nothing special here.

* ‘Een verhaal uit de stad Damsko’ (literally ‘A Tale From The City of Damsko’) by Hassan Bahara – Hassan is a friend of mine. It’s always hard to judge the work of someone you know — I liked this, but how much does that tell you? Despite the ass-kicking first page it builds up a bit slowly, but when I got to about two thirds I found it hard to put down.

* ‘Dance Dance Dance’ by Haruki Murakami – I always enjoy his work, though this is probably his least interesting book I’ve read. Also, I have now read all of his translated — to Dutch or English — novels.

* ‘Grunberg rond de wereld’ (literally ‘Grunberg Around The World’) by Arnon Grunberg – it’s been a while since I read anything by the guy who basically got me to write. This collection of tiny stories made me realise I should read his last two novels indeed.

On to Coupland’s ‘JPod’ then.