It’s Quiet. Too Quiet

After the E3 trade show I had a load of pages to write for the Dutch Nintendo magazine. It didn’t feel right investing time in a voluntary weblog when I knew my editor was waiting for articles.

When the ‘N Gamer’ deadline was finally done with, I had to jump head-first in the rewrite of my second novel, which I have to finish on July 9th. Then, I was asked to head up a secret magazine project that will actually be published in most European countries. More on that at some later date.

My point being I’ve been too busy to keep up with Nintendo Watch.

Still, a weekly update should be manageable from now on — in fact, a write-up on Nintendo’s new direction connected to the Bandai take-over rumour is coming pretty soon.

Please stay tuned! And in the meantime, check out some of my previous entries. They should still be quite a good read.

Update: I guess I shouldn’t have promised anything. Too many things going on, plus a vacation or two coming up. Nintendo Watch will be back in september!