Quick Resumé

* Translated Big Brain Academy and most of the Wii menu and channels.
* Wrote two novels, Toiletten and Sneeuwdorp — there also is a German version of Toiletten.
* Created a magazine called n3 Nintendo Magazine, one-off magazines about games hardware and websites like GameSen, Total RPG and Zelda Headquarters.
* Contributed to tons of other magazines, papers, websites and TV programmes — Autovisie, Bright, Connexie, Free Magazine, Games+, GameQuest, Gammo, Metaaljournaal, Management Team, Mister Motley, Multimediamarkt, N Gamer, N Magazine, NRC Handelsblad, NRC Next, Nu.nl, Official PlayStation Magazine, Oog & Oor, PC Consument, Power Unlimited, VPRO Gids and Webwereld, to name a few, alphabetically.

Dit is de website van Niels ’t Hooft