So Much For Being A True Fan

So my Arcade Fire experience at “Lowlands”: was kind of odd.

I discovered this Canadian band about a year ago and really loved it. Soon I started to feel like a true fan. So I decided to try my best and get in front of the stage. Which turned out not to be too hard, with the proper planning and preparation.

Of course, I ended up between lots of sixteen year olds – plus some Sonic Youth admirers in their forties, unable to get away after their heroes had stopped playing.

About an hour after I took my position, the band started its show. It was awesome, but to my surprise I didn’t know more than half of the songs. (And was disappointed that ‘Laika’, my favorite track on ‘Funeral’, was not on the menu.)

When I got home I found out that a second album, ‘Neon Bible’, had been released in March. I’m listening to it now and it’s great. But still: so much for my being a true fan…