Some Notes On Apple’s iPhone

This is pretty intense:

* Apple Computer, Inc. is changing its name to just Apple, Inc. – it’s officially a consumer electronics company now. Wow.
* The iPhone was finally announced, and “David Pogue reckons it’s amazing”:
* Apple shares jumped up on this news, and — boom! — shares of manufacturers of main competitors Palm Treo and BlackBerry Pearl “dropped”:, just like that.
* The price is quite steep (justifiably, because “the specs are impressive”:, I don’t know “whether it fits in my pocket”:, I’ve “always said”: that I’d like to have a ‘pure’ phone focused on phone calls, and if I were to go for a full-fledged smartphone, I’m not sure whether I’d settle for a low bandwidth internet connection (it -doesn’t have GPRS- only supports the slowest form of 3G). Regardlessly, I’d do anything to be able to use that “kick-ass multi-touch UI”:…
* Mysteriously missing from “Steve Jobs’s keynote”: were “the next version of OS X”: and the annually updated iWork and iLife packages. So what I’m wondering is whether the Web 2.0-style, flat-shaded dark blues and blacks of the iPhone interface are an indication of where OS X and its companion suites (which are now probably Leopard only, like “other cool upcoming software”: are headed.
* This also begs the question of whether the shiny metal of the iPhone’s bezel, the light grey aluminum of its back and its rounded corners are indications of where Apple’s hardware design is headed. Maybe the MacBook Pro and Mac Pro are due for a shiny, rounded redesign.
* Concluding this, I think that what Apple is doing is really intriguing, but this is not a product for me — I guess I’m waiting for the iPhone nano (or, as “Frank”: suggested, the iPhone shuffle, a very exciting phone in the sense that you never know who you’re gonna call).