Two Chances To See Me Live In November

* *November 15-18th, “Crossing Border Festival”:, Den Haag* – For all of four days, I’m part of ‘Den Haag Verhalen’. Arjen Lubach, Aukelien Weverling, Hassan Bahara and yours truly will show that literature is still very much connected to real life, through columns that will be read at the festival and published on its website. Also, on Friday evening I’ll participate in a talk about “the cruel shredding of books”: and do a small reading.
* *November 21st, 8:30 PM, ‘Seks, drugs en literatuur’ at the Openbare Bibliotheek Dordrecht* – Organised by youth organisation “Etcultera”: I’ll be reading and talking about writing together with Renske de Greef and that Hassan Bahara guy again.