Wireless Blues

Some of the best game sites are reporting a redundant news story: ‘1UP’, ‘Nintendojo’ and ‘Eurogamer’ all write about an interview with Satoru Iwata. In this interview the company president says Nintendo’s Dual-Screen console will be capable of Bluetooth-like short range wireless connectivity.

In the months leading up to the DS press release, Iwata was dropping hints like crazy, without really saying much. I gathered them all for a report in Dutch Nintendo mag ‘N Gamer’. Some of the highlights: the mystery machine would offer a unique gaming experience; Nintendo would not be surprised if only a small part of the audience at the press conference would applaud at their innovative product… and: it would feature wireless connectivity.

(This was translated as ‘communication over radio waves’ and, actually, ‘fun and movement’.)

After the Dual-Screen announcement, everybody forgot about these comments. As the press got excited bashing Nintendo’s new direction, nobody recalled Iwata’s wireless connectivity comments. I suppose that’s alright: Nintendo didn’t mention it either, so it’s possible that they scrapped the feature altogether.

And now that a Japanese website republishes an interview dated before the announcement, Iwata’s comments have suddenly turned into headlines again.

Bottom line: Satoru Iwata made a comment. Nintendo didn’t announce anything. These major websites probably had a slow news day. We’ll know more soon.