Week 718

What’s this? I’m blogging about my work on a weekly basis – a simple way to track and archive whatever it is I spend my time on.

With Bashers.nl gone, last week was spent thinking about the future and planning ahead. Among other things, I worked on a (smallish) redesign of this site, prepared for another TNO thing, this time about learning analytics, and gathered some ideas for a talk about gamification and the publishing industry, which I’ll do in early November.

That was not all, of course. On Tuesday, I had a debriefing at VARA, of my work on The Spiral. I also did a rewrite of my Dutch games industry article for Boekman. At night, I played Spelunky with Sander van der Vegte (we met again on Saturday to drink bock beer).

On Wednesday I met with Inger Boxsem, my editor at Atlas Contact, to give me a tour of the company and talk about my first De verdwijners draft. She gave me lots of useful feedback and new ideas, we had some good discussions, and I came out totally energized. I’m looking forward to starting a (quite thorough) second draft, which should be close to the final version.

My book will be in the Spring brochure, and should come out in or around April 2013, if all goes according to plan.

Also on Wednesday, I got acquainted with Robin Klaassen of Mainframe for a possible future project. And that night, I continued my story exploration with Geert Nellen, for the game he’s working on.

On Thursday, I wrote my bi-weekly Next Level column for nrc.next, which appeared on Friday’s Tech spread, next to a cool piece by editor Laura Wismans about game commentary. My column can be read here: ‘Merihari en kusoge: goede gamewoorden uit Japan’.

On Thursday night, I met up with Walter van den Berg, after what feels like ages. We talked about writing, books about old computers and tinkering with websites.

On Friday, I visited Jeroen van der Heijden at Valsplat to discuss two ideas: a (serious games focused) follow-up to one of my favourite articles and a possible collaboration to read test the first chapter of my book. It’s weird experiment time!