Week 719

What’s this? I’m blogging about my work on a weekly basis – a simple way to track and archive whatever it is I spend my time on.

This wasn’t the most exciting week in the history of the world. I actually prepped my quarterly VAT declaration! And I finished a small project for TNO about learning analytics, which swallowed up a large chunk of my hours.

Not much writing went on, though I did do a retro column for the Dutch Official Playstation Magazine. It’s the last one about the original PlayStation and instead of focusing on one noteworthy game, it’s a round-up of everything I couldn’t cover in the year-long run of PlayStation Memories. Next month, I’ll make the expensive and painful jump to the PlayStation 2.

I also started preparing in earnest for my talk at the National Publishing Day, about gamification and the publishing industry.

More importantly, I took my ideas and notes for the second draft of my new novel De verdwijner from many different places and combined them in one battle plan. This was an extremely inspirational endeavour: despite the metadocument-like nature, new contextual connections sparked all the time. Probably helped by the pretty clear problems/questions I had when I finished my first draft, which I discussed with my editor and second readers. In effect, quite a few problems have been solved before I even touched the manuscript! Can’t wait to actually get cracking at the rewrite.

There was games production stuff, too. On Tuesday I visited Geert Nellen at Digital Dreams, to talk about their new game with the entire team. And on Wednesday I visited Two Tribes, where they are about to enter the last month of development on Toki Tori 2.

And then there were the coffee/tea/water dates. I talked work stuff with Tim Symons, whom I’ve known a long time and now does project development at Nintendo of Europe in Frankfurt, with Simon van der Linden of Monobanda, with Erik van Heeswijk of VPRO and with Boris van de Ven of Blammo. All that conversation will lead to the exciting things of the future, possibly.