Week 731

What’s this? I’m blogging about my work on a weekly basis – a simple way to track and archive whatever it is I spend my time on.

More frantic rewriting on my upcoming novel De verdwijners! If my wife hadn’t gone away for a long weekend, I would have finished it last week. (Spoiler for next week’s notes, brought to you by the spacetime acrobatics of this belated post: I wrapped it up on Tuesday.)

Because it was snowing (I guess), I read the second half of my previous novel Sneeuwdorp. It’s eight years since I wrote that book and I hadn’t touched it for a long time. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I would think of it. It turned out that some parts hold up pretty well. Other parts: not so much. Most importantly, I was struck by my, by lack of a better phrase, style. I thought De verdwijners was very different to my previous work (and it is!) but apparently you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. The build-up, the peculiarities, the jokes: it’s all there.

What else happened? I went to the dentist on Monday. It was a breeze.

That afternoon, I visited TV production company Palm Plus with my friend and collaborator David Nieborg. We helped them along with their thinking about an upcoming kids/quiz show. It’s interesting and fun to sometimes find yourself at such places.

On Wednesday I went to Two Tribes, where I helped brainstorm solutions to various loose ends in Toki Tori 2, including the ending sequence. I also taped a couple of interviews with the employees. And made some amateur mistakes, wasting an hour of Collin van Ginkel’s time. Still, I’m sure we’ll produce some cool videos in the end.