Week 812

What’s this? I’m blogging about my work on a weekly basis – a simple way to track and archive whatever it is I spend my time on.

Last week I was out camping on the isle of Terschelling with my family. I still did a couple of work-related things though, mostly because I like doing work-related things, but also because it was practical.

I edited three short game reviews: Sacred 3 by Harry Hol, Gods Will Be Watching by Rogier Kahlmann and Metrico by Jurjen Tiersma, who also happened to be out camping (though in a different part of the country). The three appeared in nrc.next on Wednesday.

By the way, my longer piece on the enduring power of Threes! (in which I compare it to none other than Rubik’s Cube, Tetris and chess) was printed in NRC Handelsblad on Monday, and in nrc.next on Friday.

I also worked on a longer article about endless space game No Man’s Sky, and about the culture of looking forward to video games in general. This one was a special request from the paper’s editorial team, and I’d had it in draft for a while; it’s now finished and should be in nrc.next soon.

Finally, I spent a few hours sketching out the Bright Ideas article about Arjan Brussee (formerly at Orange, Guerrilla and EA Visceral, now at Boss Key), based on the interview David Nieborg and I did with him last March in San Francisco. I sent out some follow-up questions to Arjan and should be able to finish the thing this week.

Mainly though, I was flying kites and building sand castles and getting a tan (and after that, getting soaked and blown away, as the weather took a turn for the worse a few days ago).