Week 822

What’s this? I’m blogging about my work on a weekly basis – a simple way to track and archive whatever it is I spend my time on.

Last week didn’t start out too well. The side pains that’d developed the previous week reached their apex on Monday; by the end of the day my posture was all skewed. Literally: my left shoulder defaulted to about five centimeters higher than my right shoulder. When I looked in the bathroom mirror after a meeting, I first thought something about my shirt was off, but it turned out something about my body was off. I felt better after a hot bath at night and the next day I was symmetrical again. The pain was gone, although I was extremely tired.

On Tuesday, I published the third Hybrid Writer’s Podcast, with Nelleke Noordervliet, and at night I did a new interview, with Sidney Vollmer.

I also edited the penultimate batch of short nrc.next game reviews: Wasteland 2 by Stefan Keerssemeeckers, Reprisal Universe by Harry Hol and Forza Horizon 2 by Rogier Kahlmann. Not much was published last week, but it will be later.

On Thursday, I visited Two Tribes, where we continued talking and thinking about the story of robot hacking shooter RIVE. It seems to me like some elements are really coming together now.

After that, I decided to send out a literary newsletter, which I hadn’t done for nearly a year.

On Friday morning, I visited Xform, a small games development studio in Utrecht that I’ve known for a long time. It was interesting to see and hear how they deal with the ongoing changes in the marketplace.

In the afternoon, I visited a workshop at the Dutch Foundation for Literature. I had no active role there, but was very interested in seeing how the projects have developed that I helped select as jury member for the ‘Literature on the screen’ program. The creators mostly worked on how to present what they’re making, which was educational.