Week 844

What’s this? I’m blogging about my work on a weekly basis – a simple way to track and archive whatever it is I spend my time on.

The deadline of the Support for Development of European Video Games grant application is coming up, so last week I spent a lot of time helping Codeglue with their application for procedural team-based shooter Antegods. I visited them in Rotterdam on Tuesday, among other things. The application is mostly done now, just some tweaking here and there.

I’m also helping Two Tribes with their application for RIVE, although we’re just getting started on that. I visited them last week on Monday, and together we visited audio supplier SonicPicnic’s Utrecht sound studio on Thursday.

Besides the grant applications for two of my favorite clients, I managed to write hybridly, too. A big one is that I created an outline for my app novel Geometry Girl in Slugline, an app that’s really meant for screenwriting, but seems fine for my novelist urges. It has a really nice outline view, besides a robust Fountain (Markdown-like) editor. And not only was I happy with my tool, I also found a nice ‘shape’ for the story’s structure, which will play a role in the story itself.

Later last week, I wrote up some feedback on the stuff the students had contributed during my story workshop at the Hogeschool Utrecht, the previous week. That helped getting the outline together.

Somewhat relatedly, I chatted with Suzanne Meeuwissen at the Dutch Foundation for Literature on Thursday, which was useful, and I set up a quick draft of the talk I’ll do at this week’s Stichting Lezen conference, De lezer van nu.

Finally, in the ‘random’ category, I…

Average step count per day: 9.791
Average staircase count per day: 15
Average weight: 89,8 kg