Tough pill to swallow

Notes on week 877

With these weeknotes I track and archive whatever it is I spend my time on. They’re public so you can keep me in check.

Recently I’ve been looking for new ideas to complement and supersede my existing planning methods (per project and per week, which these weeknotes are part of as I review the previous week and plan for the next). I wanted something that’d take some of the load off my week planning, which was taking up too much time… and something that’d take my different type of activities, moods and energy levels into account somehow.

I kept coming back to media theorist Douglas Rushkoff, specifically something he said in a Tegenlicht documentary: the idea of the different phases of the moon affecting the neurotransmitters in our brains, thus influencing the optimal kind of work for that period. I looked it up and apparently Rushkoff covers this idea more extensively in his book Present Shock, in which he introduces it as a “tough pill to swallow” as a sort of hocuspocus warning.

Majora's Mask Moon

So last week I entered the four phases into my calender and starting figuring out how their characteristics could apply to my work and life. (For the record, I don’t really care how ’true’ any of this is, as long as it provides me with a useful framework. A kind of themes to frame my activities and manage my expectations accordingly.) Here’s my interpretation so far:

Last week we went from the third to the fourth phase, and honestly my mood lined up with the scheme almost uncannily. Early on I felt slow and uninspired, but by the end of the week I was enthusiastically setting up my first ‘moon plan’. I’ll be sure to let you know if it keeps serving a purpose!

What else? I…

Average step count per day: 9.714
Average staircase count per day: 12
Average sleep per night: 6:58
Average weight: 88,7 kg