Always crashing in the same ship

Notes on week 895

With these weeknotes I publicly track and archive whatever it is I spend my time on.

Last week I launched this website! I’d been working on the new version, on and off, for the last year or so, and now I finally got it done. These are the main talking points:

The final stretch consisted of much HTML, CSS and PHP tweaking (the later suddenly seeming easy after my Game Maker tinkering), finalizing copy (mainly of the homepages and the new-ish About page), and the all-important ‘filing away non-essential features for another day’. Then, post-launch, I squashed some bugs pointed out to me by friendly Facebook commenters. If you still see anything weird, shout!

Last week also saw the announcement of Two Tribes’ early retirement. The company finally, sadly, told the world it will quit game development after finishing its current project. Which is a crying shame, as they’re not just a great game maker, but one of my favorite clients too. I’ve been coming to their studio semi-weekly for years and these guys pretty much feel like co-workers to me.

Toki Tori 2+ and RIVE are as dear to me as my novels, and I hate that there won’t be a third project we’ll do together. Yet I love the gist of the announcement: we’re quitting, but not before making RIVE the best damn thing we’ve ever done.

Last week I helped them get the blog post and trailer (above) finalized. When I visited them on Friday, a day before they left for San Francisco and the Game Developers Conference, I updated their Steam pages and worked on some in-game RIVE stuff. For now, it’s business as usual.

What else? I…

Average step count per day: 8.591
Average staircase count per day: 12
Average sleep per night: 6:48
Average weight: 86,3 kg