Turned 36

Notes on week 906

With these weeknotes I publicly track and archive whatever it is I spend my time on.

Last week I spent all of Tuesday at the Dutch Foundation for Literature, for a new round of grant requests in the digital literature space. As a member of the digital committee, I attended six presentations, asked a lot of questions, and afterwards discussed who should be funded.

Then, on Wednesday, I had a meeting with fellow hybrid writer Liesbeth Eugelink, who made the Bitterveld app. We were asked by the Vereniging van Letterkundigen to do a small assessment of local pioneers in digital literature, so we talked about how we’d tackle this.

I also worked on my own literary app, Geometry Girl, applying a new story structure to my text, calculating pixel sizes, communicating with the various departments (code, art and audio) and trying out some color stuff. I can now easily, remotely update the source file with text and calls for audiovisual elements, which makes it a lot easier to experiment.

What else? I…

Average step count per day: 9.229
Average staircase count per day: 19
Average sleep per night: 7:02
Average weight: 87,1 kg