Some actual writing

Notes on week 934

With these weeknotes I publicly track and archive my work.

Geometry Girl

Geometry Girl is my upcoming app novel, a literary story taking the shape of an innovative app. It’s also the start of a general iOS reading engine, which I hope will become a thing in 2017. This week I discussed strategy with Menno, and I visited Paulien Loerts at Singel Uitgeverijen to demo the engine, which was great. I also did some actual writing!

KVB Boekwerk is a ‘knowledge and innovation platform for the book sector’. This week I met up with Jurriaan Rammeloo and Ezra Homan of the organisation, together with Suzanne Meeuwissen from the Dutch Foundation for Literature and committee colleague Paulien Dresscher, preparing for a seminar on January 19th, as well as a publication.

RIVE is a ‘vintage action game’ for which I created the world, story and dialog. It’s out on Steam and PlayStation 4, and now the writing is done, I do support and marketing at studio Two Tribes. This week I was there for two days, working on new translations among other things, and getting together with Stephanie and Bram from Game Drive. Their practical advice on Steam marketing was super useful.

Antegods is the ‘stonepunk arena action’ multiplayer game (and comic book) I’m working on with Codeglue. This week I continued drawing speech bubbles and lettering the comic, drawn by Robin Keijzer, among other things.

Every Wednesday night I #hobbydev with my friend Hessel, working on personal game projects together alone. We sit at the same kitchen table and curse at our laptops… This week I continued with my autopilot roguelike, getting the encounter (battle) system to work as intended.

What else? I had coffee with Sytze, beer with Sander, coffee with Martijn, and tonight I’m playing board games with Kars, Hessel and others.

Average step count per day: 6.954
Average staircase count per day: 12
Average sleep per night: 6:51
Average weight: 89,0