Unwelcome passenger

Notes on week 935

With these weeknotes I publicly track and archive my work (and sometimes health).

After being diagnosed with diabetes a few years back, I get regular check-ups. Recently, my measured values seemed to indicate something was off with my kidneys. So this week my belly got a CT scan. It turns out there is a 75 mm unwelcome passenger in my left kidney. I’ve seen it, and it’s like a ball pushing my kidney apart… The doctors disagree about what it is: cancer or a renal cyst possibly caused by my diabetes. I’ll hear what their suggested course of action will be in a couple of days; worst-case scenario seems to be that my left kidney has to removed. If it’s cancer, it seems like it hasn’t spread. I’m spooked but weirdly calm. Let’s see how this develops.

Super Mario Run was released on iOS, Nintendo’s first real smartphone game. Quite an event. I appeared on the Dutch Radio 1 early in the morning on release day to talk about this, calling Mario a ‘marionette’, among other things. The item was turned into a blog post.

I’m trying to focus on writing for the last bit of the year. I got started with a new approach, hopefully the final approach, to finishing the Geometry Girl story. I also started drafting a new Radio Laika episode.

What else? I visited Codeglue for our monthly Antegods meeting, and worked on procedural text stuff as well as wrapping up the first comic book. I visited Two Tribes to work on the upcoming RIVE 1.12 update, including Dutch translations for new content. I did a game studies panel at Leiden University, together with Aïda de Ridder and Paul Deetman, on Joris Dormans’ invitation. I had coffee with Kars to discuss an upcoming article, and chocolate milk with Dore. Finally, I #hobbydevved with Hessel.

Average step count per day: 8.810
Average staircase count per day: 13
Average sleep per night: 6:53
Average weight: 88,4