Notes on week 939

With these weeknotes I publicly track and archive my work (and life).

As mentioned here before, there was a 75 mm growth in my left kidney. Last Wednesday in the early morning I was in surgery for this, for a little less than two hours. The doctors attempted to spare the kidney, cutting out the growth, but ultimately the entire kidney was removed. I’ve been told that my remaining kidney is doing well and should be capable of handling all the work. If I take good care of it, of course.

Since Wednesday I’ve been in recovery in the hospital. Friday was the worst day, with little sleep and lots of pain. By the time I’m writing this, everything is much better. All the various tubes coming out of my body have now been removed, and I only take pills to deal with the remaining, limited pain.

I’m returning home tomorrow, but will be in a very slow mode for the foreseeable future. Either way, my unwelcome passenger was kicked out, which is good. I’ll still get to hear what it was as it gets researched in the lab.

What else? In the days leading up to the surgery, I got a lot of smaller work-related things done. On Tuesday afternoon I attended a knowledge session of KVB Boekwerk, which was educational. And that was it.