Running at half-speed

Notes on week 943

With these weeknotes I track and archive my work in public.

I’m still recovering from my kidney removal surgery, just over a month ago. It had a 75 mm tumor in it, but the cancer hasn’t spread. I feel fine, trying to ramp up my production as well as my step count. Over the last two weeks I was able to sleep regular hours again, a bit more than before actually. Still, I get tired quickly. Sometimes at unexpected times! Although this is a minor complaint, it can be hard not to get frustrated. Just how long will I be running at half-speed like this?

I’ve decided to use these low-key weeks to write the first real draft of Geometry Girl, my upcoming app novel. I work on it nearly every day, and so far am halfway through the story. (Though the first half was further along to begin with.) Now I just have to keep going until I reach the end.

Work for Codeglue has picked up too. Antegods is the Rotterdam-based studio’s ‘stonepunk arena action’ multiplayer game. I helped get the concept together in 2015, created a companion comic book in 2016, and now we’re working on something big that’ll be revealed this Spring probably.

Similarly, RIVE is a shooting/platforming game for which I created the world, story and dialog. It’s out on Steam and PlayStation 4, and now the writing is done, I’m involved in support and marketing at studio Two Tribes. A lot of my recent working hours were spent here.

What else? I #hobbydevved with Hessel. Had tea with Paulien. Got acquainted with Anna. Saw The Founder with Fredo, which was OK. Played a bunch of board games, including Codenames, which comes recommended. Read some books and listened to even more podcasts. Trying to take it easy!

Average step count per day: 6.414
Average staircase count per day: 7
Average sleep per night: 8:43
Average weight: 85,0