Story deadline rush

Notes on week 903

With these weeknotes I publicly track and archive whatever it is I spend my time on.

First of all, let me throw in the announcement trailer of Antegods, the ‘stonepunk arena action’ game I’m working on with Codeglue. The trailer was shown at GDC in March and recently polished for wider release. My main concern with the project right now is the accompanying comic book, but I tweaked the copy for this trailer too.

So how about last week? Mostly, it saw the continuation of my RIVE story deadline rush.1 I spent two days at Two Tribes and an evening at home on it, and things luckily went a lot more smoothly than before; I’m now pretty confident I’ll get to the end of the game this week.

I did find some time to get going with the new story setup for Geometry Girl, with 8 chapters instead of 10, rebooting the project in a new Slugline2 document. It’s not much, but better than not doing anything with it at all.

Also firmly in the hybrid writing space, I published a blog post3 I’d been working on for a while: Moving through prose – Exploring better ways to display linear longform text. Getting it finished took far too long, and I want to publish a few more posts before the end of June… So wish me luck.

What else? I…

Average step count per day: 8.147
Average staircase count per day: 11
Average sleep per night: 7:41
Average weight: 86,9 kg

  1. If you want to experience our 2D shooter/platformer and you’re near Amersfoort, come test the RIVE between May 17th and 27th. Email Collin if you’re up for it. Your testing will provide me with feedback to finetune the text, which will then be sent to our voice actor. 
  2. I currently write in a screenwriting app because it has some useful features, but I’m still producting (mostly) regular prose. 
  3. I also did some footnotes formatting for this and future posts, so the superscript doesn’t mess up the line-height. I may switch to fancy footnotes later on.