The passenger announcing itself

Notes on week 937

With these weeknotes I publicly track and archive my work (and life).

Two weeks ago, I wrote that I have a 75 mm unwelcome passenger in my left kidney, and here’s a little health update. The doctors are assuming it’s cancer, and will be removing the growth (not the entire kidney) on January 11th. That is, if my lungs turn out ‘clean’ on an extra CT scan next week. Weirdly, my left side started aching on the exact day I got the news; this was the passenger announcing itself, of course. This situation lasted for nearly two days, I got my first morphine ever, and I’m doing fine again as I write this.

It feels rather weird writing work notes in this situation. But then again, the damn growth already made me miss a week for the first time since starting this in 2011. So here’s what else I did recently.

RIVE is a shooting game for which I created the world, story and dialog. It’s out on Steam and PlayStation 4, and now the writing is done, I’m involved in support and marketing at Two Tribes. Two weeks ago I helped push out another update, bringing the new 1.1 expansion content to PS4, along with smaller fixes on all platforms. I also worked on localizing the game in a few new languages.

Radio Laika is a monthly mini-mockumentary I make for literary audio magazine Ondercast. I write it, record some of the voices, send parts off to actors, and stitch the whole thing together. Just before Christmas it was time for a very special Radio Laika: its presenter’s origin story. It appeared in the third Ondercast Christmas extravaganza.

What else? Not much! I got into quite a groove writing my app novel Geometry Girl, until my body started hurting. And I watched movies and reads books. Here’s hoping for a rapid recovery in 2017, and tons of boring weeknotes without any health updates at all.

Average step count per day: 1.638
Average staircase count per day: 6
Average sleep per night: hard to track
Average weight: 86,5